Centogene opens COVID-19 testing centres

August 2020

With the aim of mitigating the COVID-19 crisis, Centogene has developed coronavirus testing centres. The company has partnered with major airports in Germany to provide its testing, following regulations about flying procedures.

Centogene’s commitment is crucial to control the spread of the disease in a time of global shortage for testing material, facing a demand that increased exponentially overnight. In addition, the appearance of new players in the market helps mitigate dependency on the same providers and diversify the weight of supply.

The initiative is jointly promoted by German SMEs working together to drive solutions for the country. Its position is essential to bring manufacturing and distribution capacity up to several million units per week. Centogene is committed to sharing its plan so that other organizations can deploy testing on a large scale, to help minimise the outbreak of the pandemic, properly allocating resources, and returning to a sense of normality.

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