Corus expands into the UK with the integration of Byrnes Dental Laboratory

January 2023

Corus has integrated Byrnes Dental Laboratory, UK’s market reference in digital dental prothesis.

With this addition, Corus enters a new market to further consolidate Corus European footprint and leadership serving high-end digital prosthesis and orthodontics to advanced dental clinics in nine European countries. Corus is a network of 74 laboratories and more than 1,650 employees who serve more than 13,000 dental practices and more than 1.5 million patients spread across the United Kingdom, Spain, France, Portugal, the Netherlands, Belgium, Sweden, Denmark and Norway.

This is a first step for Corus in the United Kingdom with further expansion planned in England, Scotland, Wales and Ireland. Corus seeks to integrate reputed and advanced dental laboratories lead by local entrepreneurs, who then become shareholders, maintaining the highest level of service nationally to their existing clients.

Corus strategies remain intact, making its family grow throughout Europe day by day. Corus works as a fully integrated digital platform, where dentists can interact with the laboratory and patient whilst ensuring the traceability of the prescription and delivering efficient and high-quality products and services to meet the patient expectations. Corus network offers a global solution to dentists based on an innovative and differentiated portfolio of protocols of work, products, services, training and education while maintaining a local and personal environment, thus ensuring a better patient dental care and experience.

Corus is the vanguard on a human scale, and look forward to continuing their work with each and every one as they move into their next stage of expansion.

The link to the article can be found here.