Corus incorporates five laboratories between H2 2019 and 2020

December 2020

Corus, the leading consolidator of dental prosthesis in Europe, has continued to solidify its presence in Iberia by integrating numerous additional labs to its network in the past two years.

In the second half of 2019, Corus incorporated two targets in Spain. The first one, specializes in removable prosthesis and has developed into a stable company with a high reputation, in a niche segment lacking qualified professionals. The newly joined lab will generate key operating synergies with Corus Garbident as both are located in the Vitoria area. The second incorporation is a leading lab in the region of La Rioja with a stable portfolio of developed CAD/CAM technology, highly reputed for implant restorations and aesthetics.

Despite the challenges of navigating the COVID-19 impact, the year of 2020 yielded the acquisition of three labs in Iberia. The first lab provides a strong client portfolio in a mid-high market with no exposure to dental chains. The lab is located in the city of Faro, in the Algarve region, possessing the second highest purchasing power in Portugal.

Corus also acquired a lab in Andalucía, the leading lab from the largest region in Spain. The lab is specialized for fixed prosthesis and has transformed its customer base by focusing on fully digitalized services without the use of fuse metal.

The third 2020 incorporation is a leader in the mid-high segment in the Canary Islands which is highly developed in CAD/CAM technology, with a vast experience in aesthetic restorations.