Corus incorporates thirteen laboratories in 2021

January 2022

Corus accelerated its acquisition pipeline through numerous transactions throughout 2021, as part of its strategy to further increase penetration in the Spanish market and reinforce its international position as a European leader.

In Q1 2021, Corus incorporated an asset in Zaragoza, Spain, well-developed in CAD/CAM technology and highly reputed for its implant restorations. It incorporated another asset in Marseille, France, to properly cover the Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur region.

In Q2 May 2021, another well-equipped laboratory with three new milling machines was closed in the Spanish city of Huelva.

In Q3 2021, there was a high incorporation rate with three closings in less than three months. A lab in Valencia, the 3rd biggest city in Spain, joined the group in June 2021 and two in Toulouse, France in July 2021. These two labs are well-positioned in the private dental laboratory segment and have experience in working together, as both are specialized in implant planification and guided surgery.

During Q4, Corus incorporated 4 assets that are highly developed in CAD/CAM technology, in the Spanish cities Basauri, Tenerife, Sevilla and Barcelona. Those are strategic incorporations and the first two will work as satellites for Corus Dienart (Tenerife) and Integra (Bilbao). Three French premises also joined the group in Q4 2021, a two-lab group based in Bordeaux and Strasbourg specialized in orthodontics, and another lab in Alsace that will be the pillar for the region. Finally, a key acquisition of a lab was closed in the western part of the country, in the Nouvelle Aquitaine region.