Corus’ presence at the Dental Tribune’s IDS 2023

March 2023

Corus was present for the first time at the Dental Tribune IDS 2023, the leading trade fair for the dental industry, which takes place every two years in Germany, in Cologne and took place from the 14th to the 18th of March 2023.

More than 850 companies from 50 countries were present as exhibitors at the 40th International Dental Show, which is entitled “Shaping the Dental Future”. This year IDS reaches an important milestone: the celebration of its 100th anniversary. 

On the occasion of the special edition for IDS, the leading trade fair for the dental industry in Europe, The Dental Tribune interviewed Corus CEOs, Nicolas Bonnard and Jeroen van Asten who have shared their views on trends in the market and how Corus is leading the competition.

Co-Ceo Mr Van Asten: “At Corus, we strongly believe that patients are willing to learn about treatment possibilities and participate more actively in understanding the process and the end result. In our view, enhancing patient experience through digitalisation is key to generating value, improving quality of treatment, reducing dental visits and, ultimately, ensuring treatment acceptance and satisfaction. For these reasons, we continuously develop exclusive digital solutions for both clinician and patient with a clear focus on quality, predictability and efficiency. By using our Corus Link software and Corus Diflow protocols, we enable our customers to work in a secured environment that is fully compliant with medical device regulations.”

Co-Ceo Nicolas Bonnard: “Potential advances in digital dentistry should allow dentists to develop more personalised treatments for patients. This could involve the use of artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms to analyse patient data, such as intra-oral scan data and medical history, to develop customised treatments that take into account a patient’s unique needs and preferences. (…) For patients, 2023 will be the year of the launch of our digital denture solution Optima, which enables families to choose an optimised solution in three visits instead of six or eight.”

The link to the entire interview can be found here 🗞️