Qovetia confirms the acquisition of five veterinary clinics in H1 2021

July 2021

Qovetia announced that it has signed the acquisitions of five new veterinary clinic centres, in accordance with its ambition to pursue a consolidation of the highly fragmented French veterinary market.

In the prior year 2020, the group had already incorporated an asset in the Normandy region (France). The group, known for its reputation of excellence and set to become a pillar in the region, integrated two assets in the last quarter of 2020 and has an active partnership comprising four operational sites. In December from the same year, Qovetia closed its second largest acquisition, a clinic composed of two premises in the Jura, the eastern part of France.

The early year 2021 has accelerated the growth of Qovetia’s French network with the acquisition of five clinics in the first two quarters. Two assets joined the group in February and March respectively, and contributed key operational and strategic advantages to solidify Qovetia’s presence in the Occitaine region, while the incorporation of the clinic in July increases Qovetia’s penetration in eastern France. Two additional assets were signed as part of Qovetia’s strategy to strengthen its presence in the Normandy area (France).

The project focuses essentially on the canine generalist segment, which is considered to have the most potential for growth. Apart from the signed acquisitions stated in this press release, the veterinary group has agreed upon the integration of several additional clinics that will be formalised in the upcoming months.