We have a highly experienced, successful and complementary team, with a long history of collaboration.

Supportive and hands-on

Despite operating under high investment standards, we are flexible by nature.

We always apply our real-life entrepreneurship and management experience to the projects we get involved with, as we deeply understand the type of support management teams need in transitioning their companies to the next level.

We enjoy mentoring entrepreneurs and helping management teams achieve their goals through our ‘toolbox’.

Talent tailored to the needs of healthcare businesses

Our core investment team brings direct experience to the table, but every project has different traits and sometimes we need to rely on external talent to provide the type of support needed.

Our network of sectorial experts, advisors, former colleagues and service companies allow us to generate value right from the origination phase in our projects.

Working with us

Among the keys to success at Careventures is our strong network of healthcare executives and the management teams that lead our companies. We are always looking to meet talented healthcare and investment executives interested in participating in our unique approach to growing European healthcare market leaders.

If you are interested in exploring the possibility of a relationship, working directly for us or in one of our projects, contact us here